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GlobeSherpa mobile tickets for public transit

Preview of GlobeSherpa mobile tickets for public transit.

Mobileticket Webinar: INIT's mobile ticketing solution

According to Juniper research, 500 million people are expected to use mobile ticketing for metro and bus by 2015 (5x annual growth from 2012). Mobile tickets ...

MasterCard & Masabi: Mobile Ticketing for a More Connected Transit Experience

Hear from Will Judge (MasterCard) and Ben Whitaker (Masabi) how the two companies share a vision for a more seamless, more connected transit experience.

Buy tickets with a mobile phone

MASSPAY allows you to pay for public transit tickets via mobile payment.

YOC DE - Supreme Ad - Mondelez "Philadelphia"

Format: Touch & Play Advertiser: Kraft Foods Campaign: Philadelphia with Milka / Mobile Campaign on barcoo Country: Germany Date: March 2013.

Train ticketing using NFC (Prototype)

This application is mainly for Mumbai locals but it can be use anywhere. Book ticket by just tapping on NFC tag. Faster and Secured. Reduce Cost and ...

MoDevTablet 2013 - Lori Salow Marshall, BYNDL

MoDevTablet is a Conference at the leading edge of Tablet development, design and marketing. Master ...

Software development - Android Tablet / Phone

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